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LiveOps Wins Lawsuit

LiveOps is very excited to announce that the lawsuit is over with a very favorable result. Yesterday, the Court entered an order granting summary judgment in favor of LiveOps, and the Clerk’s final order went so far as to award LiveOps its costs and fees associated with bringing this action. This is a great result for the company and for the many independent business owners whose freedom and flexibility were at stake.

The lawsuit was filed a year ago by two former agents who were seeking to represent a potential class of 30,000 former and current agents. The Plaintiffs claimed that they were misclassified as independent contractors and should have been considered employees. This suit directly challenged the business model that LiveOps has built its company on, and put at risk the opportunities that home business owners had to provide services to LiveOps' clients.

LiveOps believes that it is changing the way the world works, and fought to protect its model. Along the way, many agents sent their encouragement, shared their stories and responded to requests, and that support made a huge difference. We fought hard for independent agents to keep their business and for the right to continue to operate as they choose.

LiveOps now has a judgment in its favor, and the Plaintiffs eventually agreed that the case is not appropriate for certification as a collective action because Plaintiffs were not similarly situated to the potential class and because there was not sufficient interest in the action. Plaintiffs also eventually stipulated that they were properly classified as independent contractors under the FLSA, and that Plaintiffs were not employees as a matter of economic reality.

LiveOps fought this case very aggressively, and is thrilled with the positive outcome.

Click here to download the judgement document.

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LiveOps provides the leading on-demand call center platform that frees businesses from the complexity and constraints of traditional call center models. Used by Fortune 500 and major brand marketing companies, the LiveOps on-demand call center platform delivers enterprise-grade availability and reliability with the security infrastructure required in today’s mission-critical business environments. The company also runs the world’s largest virtual call center, which includes a network of more than 20,000 independent home agents who provide unmatched customer service. The best practices of operating a state- of- the- art virtual call center, coupled with the LiveOps on-demand call center platform, enable LiveOps to deliver breakthrough call center results to its customers. LiveOps is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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